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Erect Scaffolding Ltd Residential Scaffolding Christchurch

Residential Scaffolding Christchurch and throughout Canterbury.

Residential Scaffolders Christchurch Erect Scaffolding Ltd provides scaffolding and fences for tradesmen and homeowners alike for all residential projects.

This includes Scaffolding for new and existing homes, subdivisions, rebuilds, exterior painting, roof repairs or any other scaffolding residential projects.

Our residential scaffolding is designed to suit the home renovation work environment and is mobile, easy to work around and constructed with safety in mind.

We have the necessary experience and knowledge, the right equipment plus well trained and qualified staff.

Erect Scaffolding Ltd staff are trained in health and safety, have completed Building Construction Passports and hold first aid certificates.

We also ensure the best access to the site for contractors to enable work to be completed efficiently, safely and without disruption.

Our experienced team offer residential scaffolding services throughout Christchurch Canterbury and further afield.

 Scaffolding Christchurch: Residential - Commercial - Industrial 

  • Scaffolding platforms
  • Edge protection
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Roof protection
  • Fencing
  • Shrink wrap
  • Propping services.

 Residential Scaffolding Christchurch - Canterbury - and further afield.

 Sebastiaan Bastiaanse:  027 733 6623

Erect Scaffolding Ltd

Address: PO Box 401 Kaiapoi 7644



Erect Scaffolding Ltd - For more information call Sebastiaan Bastiaanse on 027 733 6623

Address: Po Box 401 Kaiapoi 7644